The most frequently asked questions are answered here. We will update the answers everytime needed. Please read this FAQs before sending us your questions.


1. How do I submit?
Please check our pinned post on top of our FB page for the latest call for submission, and follow instructions.

2. Can I get a free print issue since I am in it (or I shot it)?
We’re sorry we can not give free print issues, but we are happy to give free digital tearsheets for you to share on social media and we always try to promote you on FB/Instagram.

3. How much does it cost to be featured in the magazine?
We don’t charge you to be in the normal magazine issue, we accept all the free submission and we select the best pictures for publication.

4. What are your image resolution requirements?
We need 300dpi, minimum 2550×3300 dimensions. We will accept 240dpi, or sometimes even 96dpi if the dimensions are high enough. If you get this reply email “Please provide high res 300dpi, minimum 2550×3300” this means you sent in low resolution images that will not print well. If images don’t meet these requirements, your submission will be rejected.

5. What are your image format requirements?
We prefer vertical or portrait format.
Portrait (vertical format) – 8.5×11 is ideal. This way, we do not crop your work of art.

6. What image file type do you prefer?
We prefer JPEG/JPG, but sometimes accept PNG or TIF. We do not accept RAW, PSD or PDF. No cell phone pics please!

7. What are your deadlines?
We do not have deadlines for open themed issues, unless is stated in the call for submission.

8. Which kind of editions do you have?
– Normal edition is for all kind of dogs
– Breed edition is dedicated to a selected breed.
– Special edition is dedicated to editorials (photo editorials) .
– Exclusive edition is for portfolio collection of the photographer or breeder/kennel advertising and there is a production fee for this.

9. Where are you based?
We are based in Europe

10. Do you promote dogs, photographers, breeders featured in your magazine?
Yes if you provide us your instagram handles, we try to post them on our IG feed @dogsidemagazine

11. Can I be featured in your magazine more than once?
Yes you can.

12. If I submit 1-3 images, need to be the same dogs and same photographer?
Your submission can have multiple dogs but photographer must be the same.

13. There is a typo in the print issue. Can you send me another one?
We are careful not to have any typos in the print issue, but it can happen. We are not able to send a replacement copy. Therefore, when you order your print issue on magcloud, PLEASE PREVIEW IT FOR ACCURACY AND MAKE SURE THAT YOUR MODEL IS IN THIS ISSUE AND THERE ARE NO TYPOS BEFORE ORDERING. THANK YOU! (Preview button is below the magazine cover image at magcloud)

If you have other questions please ask via direct message on FB or send email to dogsidemagazine@gmail.com


Thank you for taking interest in our magazine.
In order to serve you best, here’s just a few things it needs to be done for each submission. 
Please remember to ALWAYS give proper credit where needed.
Dog owner, photographer, kennel, breeder, don’t forget to list them all.
Thank You for reading this statement. 

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