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In order to serve you best, here’s just a few things it needs to be done for each submission. 
Please remember to ALWAYS give proper credit where needed.
Dog owner, photographer, kennel, breeder, don’t forget to list them all.
Thank You for reading this statement. 

We welcome you...

…to “DOGSIDE” magazine, just remember, the less We have to email people back asking for missing info, the faster we can get the issues out. 
We do not provide free copies of the magazine to anyone. 
We even have to buy our copies when we want to purchase the issue. 
All printing/purchasing/shipping is handled through our publishing company. 
If you have any issue with your order, please contact them directly, then let us know the issue as well! 
Most important, please do not send us images that have been or are going to be published in any other magazine. 
We would like to keep our content unique.

 1. Facebook – Follow us on Facebook and post your image in the comment section of a photo-call post from Dogside.                                    (The post will always be on the top of the feed). By posting your image you are granting DOGSIDE Magazine permission to publish your images, and that you have permission from all your team (Photographer, dog owner). If we accept your image(s), you will be given further instructions below your posted image. Please do not tag other magazines in your submission. We feature unpublished works only.
(B) Email – Send your image via email to with subject: “Submission” and use the email template that you find below. Use dropbox or google drive links for large images, provide a link to these in your email with security open, so we can download them. Alternatively, you can attach your images to your email, 1 or 2 images per email works best for large files.

– Please keep track of your submission so you can still be published. If you happen to miss our deadline to the issue we are working on, you will be placed in the following issue. We receive hundreds of emails per week and by following our quick and easy submissions policy, we can keep everything in order!
– We only feature works not previously published in other magazines. But your image can be shared before on social media.
Please always use the email template below to provide all informations, or your submission may be rejected.
– Image requirements (e-mail submission only): -PORTRAIT FORMAT- high resolution JPEG images without watermarks, 21,6X27,9 cm – 8.5×11 inches portrait format, 300 dpi, and minimum 2550×3300 dimensions.

 #2 HIGH RES – You must have access to your high resolution files & PERMISSION TO PUBLISH (mandatory).
Image requirements (only when you sent images by email): -PORTRAIT FORMAT- high resolution JPEG images without watermarks, 21,6X27,9 cm – 8.5×11 inches portrait format, 300 dpi, and minimum 2550×3300 dimensions.
Saving images from Facebook, are too low quality per our publishers request. Saving those images to your phone are fine for you to view, but have also not enough quality for us to use for the magazine. We can not accept any low resolution, screen shots, facebook images, cell phone shots, blurry images or any other non professional images.

#3  SPECIAL EDITION – special editions of Dogside Magazine accept photosets, it means that we will accept submission from 4 to 8 images per subject or theme. There will also be special editions in landscape format. All the spacial editions will have a dedicated call for submission.

#4 COVER IMAGES – We know everyone wants to be on the cover. We get a lot of submissions that are requesting a cover only. Our covers (front and back) are our choice only. For our covers, we look for skilled photographers and amazing images,.

Please Note:
* Please make sure that dog, photographer and other credits name are correct. Check your spellings!!!
* Please do not ask for free print issues, as written in the submission calls we only give free digital tearsheets and promote you on our social networks feed.
* Please be sure to have permission to publish from all your team.
* Please use the email template below for submitting a set to us:

Email Template
* DOG: Dog name @instagramhandle
AGE: age of the dog (if known) PHOTOGRAPHER: name  @instagramhandle
* OWNER: Name of the owner of the dog
KENNEL: only if has official kennel breeder
* MODEL NAME: only if in the picture there is people with dog
* Use subject line “ACCEPTED SUBMISSION” if your image was pre-selected. Use subject line “SUBMISSION” if your image was not pre-selected. *** You must use this E-mail template to provide all requested information ***


The most frequently asked questions are answered here. We will update the answers everytime needed. Please read this FAQs before sending us your questions.

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